The foundation of our effective supply chain category management strategy

Management information

Having effective and accurate data is the foundation of any effective supply chain category management strategy.

Most framework contracts are managed through our bespoke web browser-based platform which provides the funnel through which all contract valuations occur and materials purchases are reconciled, enabling control of your contract arrangements while giving us oversight as your contract progresses.

This free and easy to use system provides all manner of project progress reporting and captures all project spend allowing it to be interrogated down to component level.  

The system enables us to capture some of the core KPI metrics, and enables us to compare and contrast your contract delivery outcomes with other landlords within the EN:Procure.

The EN:Procure team can undertake bespoke benchmarking services for members to identify areas of potential contract focus and efficiency savings that could be achieved through framework utilisation.

Collaborating with EN:Procure also means that you have access to a huge range of like-minded knowledgeable housing and construction and supply chain professionals.  Generally, if we don’t know the answer to your query, we will be able to find someone who will.

Calling off arrangements from within a framework provides additional member security as contractor’s performance is monitored and observed across the framework and partnership, with performance levers to ultimately suspend/terminate framework suppliers or contractors should they fail to meet our KPI requirements. EN:Procure also track the Financial Health and status of all framework contractors/ suppliers and will advise members should any significant financial concerns arise through their contract.