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4 year general building supply and heating repair supply contract delivered through the Merchants Framework

Following the merger of Shoreline Housing Partnership and Boston Mayflower, Lincolnshire Housing Partnership have been working in partnership with our framework to put in place a new 4 year over the counter and consignment van stock General Building materials supply contract, and a separate new heating spares supply contract. 

After exploring a range of different Merchants frameworks in the marketplace, LHP opted to utilise the EN Merchants framework due mainly to the fully commercial managed nature of it, and because of the ongoing support and management information that would be received over the life of the contract, supporting the more limited resources of their in-house team.

The EN framework team worked closely with LHP to understand their needs and to develop a bespoke mini competition approach and set of documents for awarding the new contracts which would also have staged mobilisation in the two different locations of Grimsby and Boston.

The two contracts were awarded to Grafton (General Building) and PTS (Heating Spares) and were based on tendering substantial sized catalogues representing 95% of historical annual spend.

In addition, EN Procure also worked with Planned Materials framework suppliers to further embed planned material supply contract savings into the Merchant call off contract on an arranged passthrough basis, providing further contract savings for the client.

Contract savings achieved via the framework call off process were substantial, representing double digit savings for the whole basket of like for like products measured against real historical spend and volumes.

 “It has been great working with ENProcure, we are really pleased with the contract and commercial outcome and service we have received so far and are glad that we opted to use their framework over others in the market.  We look forward to working with the ENProcure team closely over the life of these contracts”, Marie Osborne, Procurement Manager, Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

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Written by Lorna Hadley

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