Lincolnshire Housing Partnership Planned Works

4 year planned works contract delivered through the Installers Framework

Lincolnshire Housing Partnership chose to use the EN:Procure Installers Framework for their £6 million per annum planned works programme with up to 4 year contract term via a JCT Measured Term Contract.

Following a price and quality mini-competition process, Engie Regeneration were selected and quickly mobilised a team of experienced staff to deliver the planned works consisting of kitchen, bathroom, electrical, windows and doors, and roofing works.

In addition to cost efficiency. when compared to costs for previous works, 12 new full-time training positions for young and unemployed people in Grimsby were generated.

In addition to the built-in social value of the framework Shoreline were keen to maximise the economic benefits of the scheme within the local economy. To facilitate this EN:Procure hosted a meet the buyer event, in partnership with Engie, to engage with local small and medium businesses and tradespeople to highlight opportunities for work in the supply chain.

Current Performance:

Key Performance Indicators



1. Customer Satisfaction



2. Client Satisfaction



3. Delivery - Time



4. Delivery - Quality



5. Framework Management



6. Social Value - Trainee Employment

Obligations Met


7. Social Value - Trainee Retention

Not Applicable


8. Social Value - Trainee Priority



9. Health & Safety



Mark Jones, Director of Operations at Lincolnshire Housing Partnership, said: “Primarily due to our geographical location, we had struggled to find a reliable construction partner to deliver an investment programme to upgrade our stock. Working with Efficiency North, we jointly devised a strategy to procure a partner who was the right fit, in terms of cost, quality and certainty of delivery. This was important as it allowed our resources and focus to be deployed on other critical organisational priorities, such as bringing our responsive and void service in-house and transforming the maintenance service into a one that is more responsive, modern and led by customer demand. We have changed our interactions with Efficiency North, which previously had been quite transactional, to a successful strategic relationship that adds broader business benefits and social value to support our continuing organisational effectiveness.”

Feedback from Lincolnshire Housing Partnership's tenants has been very good.

“Very happy with the works carried out. Workmen were polite and just got on with their job. Company kept us informed with what was happening.

“Everything went smoothly with no issues


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Written by Lorna Hadley