Our Social Value Policy

Social Value is the beating heart of Efficiency North and the foundation stone of the company’s vision, values and mission as a responsible business. 

In May 2021 Efficiency North’s board of directors reiterated their commitment to adding Social Value in the communities landlord members work in and revised the organisation’s policy accordingly.

Efficiency North will support social value outcomes on an annual basis, determining from the available surplus the level of support to be gifted.

Social Value Credits

Social housing landlords using EN:Procure’s  frameworks for repairs, maintenance, materials and new build services may build up Social Value Credits.  They are then able to choose from three options how to spend their credits in line with their own local priorities in support of social mobility:

1. employing an apprentice in house

2. supporting other training and employment in their communities

3. donation to a community organisation

For examples on how landlords have used these credits here 

Each landlord must allocate the Credits in that year, otherwise EN: Procue will gift them to EN:Able Communities to use to support employment and skills in the region.

Framework Employment Positions

EN:Procure aims to ensure that Social Value and Social Return on Investment (SROI) is achieved through every framework.  All framework contractors are mandated to employ apprentices based on the volume of spend.  These apprentices will be employed by EN:Able Futures and will, where possible, be from an economically disadvantaged community, ideally linked to member social landlords.  For more detail about this please contact your Framework Manager 

Donations to a charity

EN:Procure is committed to supporting a chosen charity to further innovation and development of Social Value outputs and achievements. 

EN:Procure will encourage the selected charity to generate Social Value benefits in communities where that social housing landlords serve.  They will also be encouraged to pursue additional or match funding to achieve the greatest possible impact.

Impact Statement

To demonstrate the outcomes and benefits of the Social Value Policy, we produce an Impact Statement every year.  We have partnered with HACT Social Value Bank to demonstrate our impact as show thourhg through immaginistive inforgrpahics. . Furthermore, we will produce lots of stories to  demonstrate the real positive changes made to people’s lives illustrate the impact we are making.

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