Newground deliver support to vulnerable individual in Calderdale

When Lilli* found out her mother was terminally ill and was expected to pass quickly, she felt lost. She was now in an urgent situation where she was going to lose a family member and her home.

Lilli was not in education, employment or training and was self-medicating as a coping mechanism. She really needed support emotionally as well as help with applying and managing a new tenancy but wasn’t sure where to start.

This was when Lilli was referred by Together Housing’s Neighbourhood Team to RiSE, a Newground Together Tenancy Support Programme that aims to support young people between the ages of 16 – 24 into their new home and help them make the most of their tenancy.

Lilli was put in touch with Sam, a Senior Sustainable Communities Officer, who worked with her virtually and over the phone to identify the support she needed.

Together they worked on applying for a home and when she was successful, Sam helped Lilli sign up for a property as well as setting up her utility bills.

As Lilli wasn’t claiming any benefits, she also needed support to maintain her tenancy. Sam supported Lilli with applying for grants and signing up to Universal Credit so she would have a steady monthly income.

Throughout the process, Lilli also received one to one emotional support from the RiSE team. This was really important during her time of grieving and Sam suggested positive ways of handling her emotions and stress that didn’t involve self-medicating.

Lilli is now set up in her first home and is taking prescribed medication to help with her mental health. She has started considering her future and has been referred to further employment support which will help her find a job or training when the time is right for her.

Sam said, “Lilli’s situation has highlighted the need for intensive housing support for young people getting into their first property. Many young people need help to understand tenancy agreements, setting up bills, budgeting and reporting repairs. This kind of support is really important for making sure a new tenancy is successful and it is great to see young people thrive in their new home.”

You can find out more about RiSE here.  

*Names have been changed.