Urgent housing and emotional support delivered to vulnerable young person in Calderdale

Up until recently Susan* had been living with her family in a one-bedroom flat. Due to overcrowding the family was supported by Newground Together to find better living arrangements. This is when Susan’s father asked about finding support for Susan with her mental health so she could develop more positive coping strategies.

Susan had been struggling with her mental health when the first coronavirus lockdown in March 2020 began. Now unable to see family and friends like she usually would, Susan’s mental health had worsened.

This is when Susan was referred to Engage, a Calderdale mentoring project delivered by Newground Together. The project aims to support 8 – 17-year olds who are Together Housing residents in Calderdale. Through early support and help, a dedicated youth team aims to help young people realise their potential. 

The team regularly checked in with Susan after moving to a new house to check her emotional wellbeing. Through one-to-one support with the team Susan began to explore her emotions in a safe space which became really important when Susan had considered self-harm. This also included making sure Susan’s new address was included on her referral to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS).

The team also talked to Susan about the advantages and disadvantages about moving out and living independently. This included explaining what it means to have your own tenancy and explored how Susan felt about it. They also discussed what a healthy relationship should look like and the affect of alcohol and drugs on her mental health.

With more positive ways of coping, Susan now focuses more on speaking about how she feels which has reduced her attempts to self-harm. The help and advice also helped Susan’s father understand Susan’s moods and he now knows who he can contact if he needs additional support.

Susan is now looking to the future and is considering returning to education to study beauty, hair, or mechanics.

*Names have been changed.