Stainforth 4 All


Location: Stainforth, Doncaster

Start date: 8th January 2016

End date: 27th May 2016

Grant: £2,500

Key Aims: The project achieved 75% reported they had improved confidence and self-esteem.

87.5% reported they had improved employability and job search skills.

50% - They achieved 8 confirmed Jobstarts from the course

25% - 4 Participants in total (3 Course participants went onto volunteering with us whilst 1 went onto further training)

Employment and skills: The project directly increased the chances of local people finding work. Job search and interview skills were reported to have improved in their feedback. It has also increased their confidence and aspiration levels as well as empowering them to take control of their own lives. These are life skills that will help to keep the participants in employment in the years to come.

Social and Economic Regeneration: The project has empowered local people to take control of their own lives by finding work and moving out of a benefits lifestyle. This means more local people are able to access the job market and contribute to the local workforce, directly contributing to local regeneration. This has also brought added benefits to those around them such as family members who see this positive move and are encouraged themselves.

“A great service that helped me find work, thank you so much,”  Richard Hoggard found work via the job club.

“I was out of work for a long time and had no computer skills, but you helped me produce a CV, do online job search and then find a job,”  John Pye found work via the job club.

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Written by Lorna Hadley

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9 Jan 2017

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